Sala Grünstein

Sala Grünstein, a volunteer in the medical service of the International Brigades. She was born in 1912 in Wieluń (Poland). In 1932 she went to Paris to study, and as a result became a bacteriologist and chemist. During this period she was active in the left-wing organisation of Jewish students "Kampf". 

She left for Spain in May 1938 together with her husband, the physician Józef Gudys from Lublin (Poland). Sala was sent to the Hospital of the International Brigades in Santa Coloma de Farners as a laboratory technician, while Józef was sent to the International Clinic in Barcelona as an ophthalmologist. 

Their fate after the fall of the Spanish Republic is not known. We know that they remained in France and belonged to the French organisation of International Brigades veterans, Amicale des Volontaires en Espagne Républicaine, in 1978.