“If Madrid falls today, Warsaw will fall tomorrow”

Volunteers of Freedom Association

As the Volunteers of Freedom Association (Stowarzyszenie Ochotnicy Wolności) we work to restore the memory of people, organizations, and movements excluded from the dominant historical narrative. We focus especially on Dąbrowszczacy (members of the Dąbrowski Brigade) – anti-fascists from Poland who volunteered to take part in the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) to fight against fascism in defence of the Spanish Republic.

Hands off Dąbrowski Brigade Street!

On 10 April 2019 the Supreme Administrative Court restored the name of the Dąbrowszczaków Street (Dąbrowski Brigade Street) in Warsaw. Our nearly four-year campaign "Hands off Dąbrowski Brigade Street" was a success. During this time we carried out many actions to defend the name of the street and to restore the memory of Polish anti-fascists fighting in the Spanish Civil War.

Bloody fights of Polish interbrigadiers at Jarama

85 years ago, Polish volunteers fought bloody battles during the Battle of Jarama. About 170 of them were killed and wounded. Volunteers from the Dąbrowski Battalion (XII IB) were ordered to attack the hill with the "white house" occupied by the fascists, in order to relieve the critical section defended by the XI International Brigade.

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Polish Volunteers in Almadrones

85 years ago, Antek Kochanek, commander of the Dabrowski Battalion and trade union activist among Polish worker emigrants in France, was killed in the battle for the town of Almadrones. He was one of the first Polish volunteers who came to Spain to fight against fascism.

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Our speech in Madrid

Representatives of our association attended the 85th anniversary of the International Brigades in Madrid. During the opening ceremony, our representative gave a speech, which you can watch below.

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