Polish Volunteers in Almadrones

85 years ago, Antek Kochanek, commander of the Dabrowski Battalion and trade union activist among Polish worker emigrants in France, was killed in the battle for the town of Almadrones. He was one of the first Polish volunteers who came to Spain to fight against fascism. For the Polish volunteers, Kochanek became a legendary figure.

Watch our short video (in Spanish and Polish) about the battle of Almadrones and the Dąbrowski Battalion participation in it!

Various versions of Antek Kochanek death during the battle for Almadrones appear in the memoirs of the Polish volunteers, and it is probably impossible today to determine the final version in any detail. Pedro Garcia of Foro Memoria Guadalajara cites one of them in the video below - the most heroic one.

A small error crept into the video: Antek Kochanek died on the January 2, 1937, although the video refers to the January 1.

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