Cristina Kon-Rabe

Cristina Kon-Rabe was born in Warsaw in 1911. She married Spanish anarchist activist Mateo Baruta Vilà, secretary to Federica Montesna. When the conflict broke out Cristina was in Valencia working on the editorial board of a revolutionary magazine.

At the end of 1937, she traveled to Barcelona, where she became the foreign relations secretary of Solidaridad Internacional Antifascista, an organization associated with the anarchist movement to enlist international support and assistance for Spanish anti-fascist and revolutionary forces. When Emma Goldman arrived in Spain in the fall of 1938, Cristina took on the role of personal translator for the famous anarchist.

With the fall of the Spanish Republic, Cristina Kon-Rabe emigrated to France with her husband. She died in Marseille in 1985.

Cristina Kon-Rabe, Polish-Jewish anarchist (on the right in the photo) in Barcelona together with two icons of the anarchist-feminist movement: world-famous Emma Goldman and Lucía Sánchez Saornil – co-founder of the organization Mujeres Libres.