85th anniversary of the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War

On July 17, the Volunteers of Freedom Association (Stowarzyszenie Ochotnicy Wolności) held its annual celebration in Warsaw to commemorate the participation of anti-fascist volunteers from Poland in the Spanish Civil War. This year the commemoration was divided into two parts.

At midday, we met at the Powązki Military Cemetery at the Monument to Polish Brigadists, to hear speeches by representatives of left-wing and anti-fascist organizations and to lay flowers. Traditionally, family members of the International Brigades volunteers were present with us.

Fot. Radical Focus – Activist Photography

In the afternoon, the second part of the celebrations took place, during which we unveiled a mural commemorating the Polish brigadists in the center of Warsaw on the wall of the Przychodnia squat (Skorupki 6a Street). Speakers at the unveiling included representatives of the Association, squat collective and the mural's author, Adam Walas. Afterwards, there was a meeting with Dariusz Zalega, a researcher of the fate of Silesian brigadists, and a screening of a film devoted to Ukrainian brigadists.

The events collectively attracted dozens of participants.

Fot. Radical Focus – Activist Photography