84th Anniversary of the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War

On July 18, representatives of Volunteers of Freedom Association laid flowers at the Polish interbrigadists quarters at Powązki Military Cemetery, symbolically commemorating Polish anti-fascists who took part in the Spanish Civil War, standing up for the Spanish Republic under the slogan "For Your Freedom and Ours", with a warning that "if today falls Madrid, Warsaw falls tomorrow".

We were accompanied by representatives of polish interbrigadists families, as well as by MP Maciej Konieczny, who laid flowers on behalf of the Razem party. Flowers were also laid by representatives of the Inicjatywa Pracownicza (Workers' Initiative) Trade Union and the Przychodnia Skłot (social-cultural center) collective.

On his profile, MP Maciej Konieczny wrote about why it is so important to remember the anti-fascists from Poland who have fought to defend the Spanish Republic:

"Solidarity across borders, anti-fascism, faith in equality and social justice are values that remain valid to this day and which we, as people of the Left, should remember and fight to put them into practice. Remembering Polish interbrigadists, we continue to fight for their values".

We are glad that the memory of Polish Interbrigadists and the international, anti-fascist solidarity of working people is still alive and important for many contemporary organizations fighting for better and fairer social reality.

This year we decided exceptionally not to organize a traditional, open event due to the pandemic. We informed about our decision in a special announcement, which can be read at this link.

The author of the following photographic report is Emilia Oksentowicz (.kolektyw)

84. rocznica wybuchu hiszpańskiej wojny domowej. Fot. Emilia Oksentowicz
Fot. Emilia Oksentowicz